Native American Tattoos – Tribal Pride

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Native American tattoosGetting Native American tattoos is a good choice, especially if you invest in the right tattoo artist.

There are several beautiful designs that will boost your appeal as well as represent other special things that you may possess. Native Americans or American Indians were one of the ancient tribesmen who also wore tattoos for different purposes, similar to other clans all over the world, hundreds of years ago. Always research on the special qualities of these people and learn about the methods and styles to get the benefits.

Early Native American Tattoos

Native American tattoos have actually been existent for hundreds of years. The ancient tribes used handmade ink derived from plants and also made their own needles to place the ink permanently on the skin.

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They would use a variety of symbols and patterns that would decorate their bodies, thereby portraying their specific roles and ranks in society. The practice has continually been passed on from one generation to the next. Tattoos were placed on different parts of their bodies including their faces. Many of them believed that wearing the tattoos would scare their enemies and give then supernatural powers that would win battles and let them live longer.

Native American Tattoos Today

Today, these tattoos are still very much alive. There are many individuals whose racial background stems from the ancient tribes thereby spurring them to sport the same unique patterns and designs. Variations have also been added to the category due to the availability of high quality instruments and tattoo machines that can render realistic designs.

You can now get tattoos such as the face of famous American Indian leaders or warriors, great beasts and animals that they worshipped, landscapes and other realistic designs that can only be achieved with the assistance of top quality machines and tools.

Tips for Native American Tattoos

Before you get Native American tattoos, research on the elements and design first. Many people make the mistake of sporting tattoos that actually convey a different meaning, thereby giving the wrong impression to those who actually understand.

If you’re going to use authentic Native American words or phrases, have someone who speaks the language translate. Also find out more about the person whose face or image you wish to present on your body. Know more about his personal traits and why you chose him among all the rest. If you’re also choosing a design that represents a particular group or tribe, review the pattern with someone who actually comes from that group.

Cost of Native American Tattoos

Minor or small Native American tattoos will only cost $200 to $300. The bigger ones or designs that feature the faces of huge animals, actual people and landscapes can cost up to $800 or more, depending on the size and quality.

Find the right artist who specializes in these designs. Observe his personal gallery and talk to previous clients regarding the approach and design. Large and sophisticated designs will usually require more sessions. You will be paying per session. Using more ink or disposable needles will also equate to added cost. Never compromise on the quality of the design for best and long lasting results.